Monday, May 31, 2010

GAFFA ......

So what now?
Why you can find my work @ Gaffa

281 Clarence Street, Sydney CBD, NSW 2000

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

what am I working on

This is what I have been up to working on a small series of tables ...... which i will be making for a little show at the Powerhouse Museum.....

Other then that....I am working on Galleries .....

Sunday, February 28, 2010

February - What it has held for me!

Back to the Blogging board!

Also I have found a studio...So I can start making a new range for Beyond Fashion and myself......

L x

Friday, January 29, 2010

Summer Time.....

The latest installment of L C Hammer's world domination!

So Programmed Show is still running....

But in the mean time I have been keeping busy with preparing new work for a collaborative show/party for Design Federation

Keeping with the theme 'Chinese Year of the Tiger'....Grrrr

Another great opportunity crossed my path....whilst working one sunny afternoon.....there was an overheard conversation...about 'a friend having a new press, which would be an machine to make sculptures with....
Which got the clogs ticking.....maybe there is an opportunity for me to use this machine in making a new range of chairs....which I have been thinking about making!

So after an introduction and a coffee....I made a time and meeting to discuss this is Ben Blakebrough and Sarah King of (Blakebrough + King) ....... From this meeting I have an opportunity to explore with the machine, I found one of the best cakes in Bowral and also secured a spot in an exhibition opening in The Australian Design Museum Show runs from 24 February to 7 March 2010 at Shapiro, 162 Queen St. Woolhara.

This is seriously cool !

What else is happening? Kwangho and I are working towards his show in NYC...and collaborating in Sydney Design Week 2011!

Sounding nice.....Damn I need to get back to this bamboo frame!

L x

Saturday, January 2, 2010

New Ipod Jewellery for Programmed!!

Thanks to the lovely Tom

and Olivia for modelling it!

Sunday, December 27, 2009

programmed show is

* My first New York show
* A group show working with other local NY artist.....organised by the Brooklyn
Artists Gym & the MAC Support Store
* Taking some time to prepare for


Did you know that 45% of christmas shoppers bought Ipods, in Australia, this year?

Ipod are becoming a 'commodity of life' apparently.....Ipods are the new jewellery....
Ipods are new social identifiers....the role that jewellery once played in social status has been replaced....and people making these statement through I- products and other high end electrical devices...

This is my fuel for programmed show.....of course I am concerned with the environmental issues that arise from people consumerist behavior...but I am giving my tongue in cheek attitude to this new work.....and giving back some credit back to the glory days of jewellery....and creating wearables from someones? disregarded Ipod.

Monday, December 14, 2009

Honey's I am home

Welcome back I hear you call......its been a long time...and I am sure it was even longer for you!
I have got to give a little update....on what has been happening ....upload a few links....
one nice video from the BC about the Inclusive Design Challenge in Korea

I have been thinking...reflecting on this trip...which has been such a whirlwind for me....I guess that it is the way I like things to work...but maybe it was moving too fast at some points and not fast enough in the others....

Seoul - Perfect....totally perfect....apart from the fact I lost my passport (which has now been returned to the embassy....with all other contents in the wallet) I had a great time!
The challenge was as extreme as our user...and the experience was invaluable! Why? Well.....I learn how to work with a team...and got to see how creatives work within a company and teams...and have realised that all this time as a jeweller..working alone...really challenged how I work...and how I like to work...It took a team experience to realise that I enjoy and always have, being solo.

NYC - Well....apart from having the best galleries and exhibitions on every night...not seeing sleep....I also had my first taste of weaving!
I was involved at the Textile Arts Center in to know that the weaving scene in America is on the mend....broke it down in Cynthia, Vis and Owyn.....And also secured a spot in the Programmed Show...which will now be my first NY appearance!

Guatemala - When I got over the shock of leaving one extreme for another....I had a blast....I was able to weave every day....learn some Spanish and really appreciate the craft on this traditional? level. It was so difficult! I wonder if it is possible for the cable to be moved like this?

Sao Paulo, Brazil - Mmmmm could have been better.....All the meetings I had arranged didn't seem to be quite what I expected....Humberto was in Korea...and Fernando is ill...I went to Estudio Campana...had a tour...picked the brains of the people that work for the boys...saw how they were running the 'name' that has become Campana...but nothing like meeting the boys...?
Although I did find Brazil inspiring....I discovered Chita fabrics...the vibrant people and colours...and the street art scene in Sao Paulo is incredible!

I returned home..... to work for Programmed Show......IPOD NECKLACES!